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Medterra enters into a strategic partnership with Megalabs

Cannabis is in high demand in the USA, Canada,  Switzerland  and the UK, where it is used for medicinal purposes.
The  company  Cplant, from Uruguay, plans.
The cannabis industry is experiencing transformation in manufacturing operations through big data and  advanced technology .
These new  technologies  are essential for companies producing large batches of.
Aurora Polska managed to convince the Polish government to reduce VAT on medical cannabis from 23% to 8%.
A year ago, .

Spectrum Therapeutics also tried to
The policy on the export and import of cannabis that the government of Canada has set

without officially announcing the reason for the ban on the.
With global attitudes towards cannabis acceptance trending upwards, Medcann CEO, Jon Ruiz, believes that cannabis is a "phenomenal  opportunity ." But simply showing up to the party.
French startup Rainbow, founded last year, is  successfully  breaking into the cannabis market.
Billing itself as a “cannabis tech” startup, they  successfully  raised €1 million from.
Colombian cannabis industry positive despite regulatory  uncertainty .

As one of the exempted activities since the first government isolation decree in Columbia

the cannabis industry has been less impacted by the pandemic than others.
Swiss companies producing light cannabis products have received $35.6 million (€30 million) from the customs  authorities  for illegal taxes previously imposed.
Suppliers of hemp flowers who.
Demecan launches an  online  cannabis shop for pharmacies.
Demecan has opened an online shop for direct sales to pharmacies.
Although the Berlin-based startup is the only German company allowed to grow medical cannabis in.
Medterra enters into a strategic partnership with Megalabs.
The North-American cannabis company Medterra has entered into a partnership with the Latin-American company Megalabs.
With this agreement, .

Medterra plans to enter the cannabis markets in

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