Bring The Pain In The Roguelite Adventure, Sparklight, Out Next Year For PC/Consoles

Indie developers, Red Blue Games, are branching away from the mobile games market and introducing their debut PC/console release – the roguelite brawler, Sparklite.
Check out the retro-inspired adventure game in the new gameplay trailer below:

Saving The World Of Sparklite
Here’s everything we know about the recently announced adventure title:

You play as the intelligent engineer, Ada, and embark on an adventure thrown into a dangerous world filled with vile gremlins out for your head.
Sparklite plays like an old-school, Zelda-inspired adventure game with a dash of roguelite elements, such as procedurally generated content.
These random encounters are caused by land shaking earthquakes that sporadically alter the landscape of each level in the middle of your adventure.
Quests, minigames and a slew of new challenges present itself with every violent earthquake, making for a surprising adventure with new obstacles around every corner.
Ada uses her uncanny engineering skills to invent new guns and gadgets to use at her disposal. Aside from wiping out the many enemies, players will also use her skills and inventions to solve puzzles which challenge the player throughout the adventure.

With only the announcement, a few small details and a short, slick trailer, we can expect to hear more about Sparklite within the next year.
Sparklite is set to release in the Fall of 2019 for the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the Switch.
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A Look At Valfaris – Rock Out By Killing Aliens

In space, everyone can hear you rock out and kill aliens!
It’s always nice to hear of a comeback story, especially within the games industry, and what a comeback story developer Steel Mantis had when releasing Slain.
On its original release, Slain received relatively poor review scores. A committed Steel Mantis hired programmer Thomas Jenns reworked ‘Slain’ into the now ‘Slain: Back From Hell’ and changed what originally was a mediocre game into a cult classic.
Now for the first time working together on a project from the start, Thomas Jenns and Andrew Gilmour are back to rock our socks off again with ‘Valfaris’, a heavy metal action platformer set in space.

The stupendous citadel Valfaris has reappeared in the orbit of a dying sun after disappearing from the galactic charts. Therion, a valiant son of Valfaris returns home to find Valfaris overrun by an ever-growing darkness. Playing as Therion, you must explore the citadel and rid it from its evil – basically, kill everything.
With artist Andrew Gilmour being a heavy metal fan, the game oozes with the iconography associated with that genre of music. From Therion being a badass bulky meathead with long hair who head bangs, demonic monsters, giant guns and backgrounds you’d expect from an Iron Maiden or Yes album cover, everything is loud and over the top.
Andrew’s detailed pixel art style really makes the environments tangible and the characters – even though completely fictional – believable within the context of that world and medium; like 2000 AD comics did with their characters.
Playing the game you can feel the smog and smell the rust. With the demo only lasting 30 minutes I saw external vistas, internal corridors and a junkyard, all of which transitioned naturally and never felt out of place.

And what to say about the gameplay… It’s good, it’s really good. Everything just feels fluid and right, the shooting and the platforming just meld well together, one never outdoing the other. You have a main pistol and a sword, as well as a secondary weapon that acts as a power weapon that uses energy, so you do not abuse them.
Speaking with Matt from Digital Upper Cut (the publisher) explained that you can level your power weapons too by collecting orbs throughout the level. You’ll be wanting to level up those guns because the game is difficult, many a section I find myself dying a fair few times at, especially the Junkyard Goblin boss.

However, credit here goes to the checkpoints and how each checkpoint is in the exact spot just before a difficult section so you ‘just have that one more go feeling’, as Matt put it when talking after my time with the demo “we say it’s a Nintendo difficulty” (he is referring to old skool Nintendo here). Furthermore, I won’t spoil it, but don’t rest so easy, expect surprises.
Matt informed me that the soundtrack has been composed by Curt Victor Bryant from Celtic Frost, with his style of metal really pumping you up for action and it’s the cherry on top of what looks like a brilliant game. The music makes you push into the action like a crazed madman.

Anyone who wants to shoot and slash monsters needs this game – it’s just a hell a lot of fun. It doesn’t take itself seriously and it completely knows what it is.
Playing the game reminded me of those ’90s action games that were full of gore, fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled action. This is one to watch out for.
Valfaris is scheduled for a 2019 release on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.
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3D Overwatch Hentai Collection – 16

3D Hentai Videos – Overwatch Hentai Collection 16

3D Overwatch Hentai Collection – 16

ESL Warmer: Nice and Nasty

Nice and nasty is a simple warmer to get students chatting about their preferences. This activity works well as an icebreaker on the first day of class but can also be used as a warmer at the beginning of class. In this activity, the teacher read out a list of different things. The students must listen and write the item in one of two sides of their page “nice” and “nasty”.  For example, the teacher may say “green vegetables” and the student would write the item down according to their opinion. Later, the students compare their lists and see how similar or different their tastes are.
Activity time: 5 – 10 minutes 
Level: teens and young learners (A2 +)
Skills practiced: Speaking, listening and writing. 

Give students a piece of paper and have the students divide the piece of paper in two. One section for ‘Nice’ and another for ‘Nasty’.
Explain to students that you are going to call out a list of different things, places and people. The students should write each item in one of the two sides according to their preference. 
After, have students compare their answers and see how similar or different their tastes are. 

Some ideas of things you could mention:
Justin Bieber
English grammar
Spicy food
Computer games

Download PrintableClick here to download the printable

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3D Overwatch Hentai Collection – 15

3D Hentai Videos – Overwatch Hentai Collection 15

ESL Speaking Activity: Positive, Negative and Interesting

Positive, Negative and Interesting is a quick speaking activity that works well with adults and teens. In this activity, the teacher tells the students an idea. The students then analyse the idea by discussing the positive, negative and interesting aspects of the idea. This activity is a great way to get students to think creatively and critically about ideas and express their opinions.

Activity time: 5 – 10 minutes and above
Level: teens and adults (Intermediate and above)
Skills practiced: Speaking. (Conditionals, comparatives, making suggestions.)

Put students in either pairs, groups or as a class.
Explain to students that they need to think about the positive, negative and interesting points of an idea.
Show the students an idea statement (see list/presentation below) and give them some time to think of some positive, negative and interesting aspects of the idea.

Download PrintableClick here to download the printable

Statement Ideas
Police officers should not carry guns.
People should only be allowed to eat meat once a week.
There should be an extra tax on unhealthy food.
Life would be better without government or rules.
The government has the right to monitor phone calls and emails.
All children should have the right to vote.
All students should speak only English in school.
Teachers should be able to use physical punishment.
All cars should be banned from the centres of all cities.
Everyone should receive the same income.

Statement Ideas Presentation

Variation: Show students pictures of different products and inventions. Ask them to assess the invention.

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